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Initiation and engagement of alcohol and other drug dependence treatment (IET)

Numerator: Initiation of AOD Dependence Treatment: Initiation of AOD treatment through an inpatient admission, outpatient visit, intensive outpatient encounter or partial hospitalization within 14 days of diagnosis. Engagement of AOD Treatment: Initiation of AOD treatment and two or more inpatient admissions, outpatient visits, intensive outpatient encounters or partial hospitalizations with any AOD diagnosis within 30 days after the date of the Initiation encounter (inclusive)

Denominator Statement: Patients age 13 years of age and older who were diagnosed with a new episode of alcohol or other drug dependency (AOD) during the first 10 and ½ months of the measurement year (e.g., January 1-November 15)

Measure Set: NQF

Data Source: Claims & Electronic Health DataHealth Plan/Insurance Data

Target Population: Adolescents, Adults, Young Adults

Categories: Access to and quality of health care services, Health Service Utilization, Health service utilization: Diagnosis, treatment, and hospitalization

Additional Information:

Keywords: drug abuse recovery, Teen drug use

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