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Asthma Medication Ratio: Ages 5–18 (AMR-CH)

The percentage of beneficiaries ages 5 to 18 who were identified as having persistent asthma and had a ratio of controller medications to total asthma medications of 0.50 or greater during the measurement year.

Numerator: The number of beneficiaries who have a medication ratio of 0.50 or greater during the measurement year.

Denominator Statement: Medicaid/CHIP enrolled patients ages 5-20 years (by December 31 of the measurement year) with diagnosed asthma who have been dispensed asthma medication. Report three age stratifications and a total rate: 5-11 years, 12-18 years, and total

Measure Set: Medicaid/CHIP

Data Source: Administrative DataHealth Plan/Insurance Data

Target Population: Adolescents, Children

Categories: Access to and quality of health care services, Health Service Utilization, Health service utilization: Diagnosis, treatment, and hospitalization

Additional Information:

Keywords: Asthma

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