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CAHPS health plan survey 5.0H child version

This measure provides information on parents’ experience with their child’s commercial or Medicaid organization. Results summarize member experiences through ratings, composites and individual question summary rates.

Numerator: The NQF recommends that CAHPS Health Plan Survey items and composites be calculated using a top-box scoring method. The top-box score refers to the percentage of patients whose responses indicated that they “always” received the desired care or service for a given measure. The top box numerator for each of the four Overall Ratings items is the number of respondents who answered 9 or 10 for the item; with a 10 indicating the “best possible” 

Denominator Statement: The number of survey respondents who answered the question. The target population for the survey includes all individuals who have been enrolled in a health plan for at least 6 (Medicaid) or 12 (Commercial) months with no more than one 30-day break in enrollment. Denominators will vary by item and composite

Measure Set: HEDIS

Data Source: Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) AuditHealth Plan/Insurance Data

Target Population: Adolescents, Children

Categories: Access to and quality of health care services, Quality of Care, Patient experiences (satisfaction, medical errors)

Additional Information:

Keywords: Continuity of Coverage

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